Christophe Jacrot . Eaux-Fortes.
Christophe Jacrot . Eaux-Fortes.
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Christophe Jacrot . Eaux-Fortes.

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The latest of Christophe Jacrot's book.

Eaux Fortes is a new dive, at the time when planet was confined, in the heart of a  world –frozen doubly  by the climate, by the pandemic.

It deploys the quintessence of what Christophe Jacrot has produced over the last two years, from the four corners of the world.

With this exceptional monograph, Christophe Jacrot gathers a selection of his most intense shots since 2019 (and some older ones): shimmering or immaculate colors of hills and mountains, lonely houses lost in the twirling snow, beings stiffened by the cold and silhouettes vanishing under the rain or snow in large megalopolises, shores almost submerged by the waves…

Are the contours of reality fading away at the same time as the world is being swept away in uncertainty?

40 x 32 cm hardback, 104 pages, 69 Photographies.
English / French captions.