Lana Sator, Ekranoplan 1
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Lana Sator, Ekranoplan 1

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Lana Sator is a photographer who sees and shows aesthetics of decay, admiring industrial landscapes, soviet architecture and monumental heritage. She was born in 1989, visited more than 30 countries but is still smitten with the post-USSR area.

She is based in Georgia.

The Ekranoplan.

Ground Effect Vehicles, also known as "ekranoplans," are a sort of hybrid between airplanes and ships.

They move over water without actually touching it.
The International Maritime Organization classifies them as ships,
but, in fact, they derive their unique high-speed capabilities from the fact that they skim
the surface of the water at a height of between one and five meters (three to 16 feet).
They take advantage of an aerodynamic principle called "ground effect."
This combination of speed and stealth -- their proximity to the surface while flying makes
them difficult to detect by radar -- got the attention of the Soviet military,
which experimented with several variants of the concept during the Cold War.
Their deployment on the vast inland body of water between the Soviet Union and
Iran led to them acquiring the nickname "Caspian Sea Monster."


This photo is part of her Ekranoplan series.