Sandrine Berjonneau, Dandelion
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Sandrine Berjonneau, Dandelion

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40x60 Photography on Hanemuhle Museum paper part of a  limited serie, signed and numbered 1 of 12. Grey wooden frame 50x70 cm with anti-reflex glas 70 %  included.

For Sandrine Berjonneau, French photographer born in Bouaké, Ivory Coast, macro photography was love at first sight. To be able to capture the infinite details of an hitherto invisible world somethimes just a few inches away from the places we believe we know so well, makes her feel like a delighted explorer of new planets.

Sometimes from the back of her own garden, and sometimes immerged in a field miles away, she hunts butterflies, bees and flowers, trying to “tame” them to reveal their beauty. She aims at making them more human to our eyes and strongly avoids objectifying them.

Sandrine does not retouch her images, what you see is exactly what she discovered in nature. The light used is essentially natural, on occasions she encircles the flowers with a black cloth background to better highlight their colours.

Sandrine excels at transmitting the emotions of this microscopic secret universe and in the same manages to raise our awareness about this invisible world and its fragility.