Andreas Almebäck, "Nest"
Andreas Almebäck, "Nest"
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Andreas Almebäck, "Nest"

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Andreas Almebäck,  Hand blown and signed Candle Holder.

In his work, Andreas is interested in relationships and how they affect us. How we are created, shaped, and changed by the relationships we have. How these can give us power and joy of life as well as exhaustion and sorrow. How the relationships we have and the thoughts we have about  ourselves and others, forms us.


Glasbolaget in Bro, Sweden, glassblower

Stockholms glasbruk, Sweden, glassblower

Glashuset, Lönstrup, Danmark, glassblowing assistent for Leif Vange

Kosta Boda,Sweden, glassblower

Glassblowing assistant for Silvano Signoretto, Murano, Italy