Didier Jordan, Horizon Lac Nr 11
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Didier Jordan, Horizon Lac Nr 11

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70x35 cm Photography on Hanemuhle Fine Art Baryta part of a limited series, signed and numbered 2 out of 6. Mounted on aluminum. 

Didier Jordan is a Swiss photographer, born 1960. He lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland.

" I have often thought that a photograph is rich in what it does not show, in the ability of what is off-screen to mobilize the viewer's imagination. If in a photograph lies a question, an absence, a tension between emptiness and fullness, the possibility of a dialogue then develops between the photographer and the viewer. A pontoon, a body of water, a sky: a few elements to express the beauty of a place and simplifying it to make the image even more readable and graphic, sometimes going as far as nearing full abstraction. The absence of characters, swimmers, or boats, creates a space where the void dominates and where nothing other than what we would like to imagine happens.

Between what is shown and what is not, a horizon of possibilities opens."