Henry Bronett, Pictures For a Bedroom. 1
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Henry Bronett, Pictures For a Bedroom. 1

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Pictures for a bedroom.

26x26 cm/56x56 cm Fine Art print on 30x30/60x60 cm Hanemuhle Museum paper.

Limited series, signed by the artist, numbered 1 to 20.

Henry Bronett is born 1961. He is a writer and photographer and after studying at the Stage School of Stockholm, he has worked as a clown, actor, director, producer and screenwriter in film, television, theater, opera and circus.

"I found a lot of my friends talking about stress. How they had trouble winding down, making rest and sleep difficult. Specially the last couple of years living with the pandemic seems to have increased the feeling of uneasiness.
I can certainly relate.
Some periods the fatigue never seems to leave my body. I can be as tired waking up, as I was going to sleep. Like so many of us I watched late night movies, got constant news updates, checked my mobile and texted when I should’ve rested. In the end I found I did all that without thought. Just feeding my system ever more stress. Most of us recognize this kind of behavior of course. We increase tension and heart rate, when actually we our bodies and minds long for just the opposite.

I decided to do something about it. I thought of pictures suitable for spaces like bedrooms. Pictures that could help create a sanctuary so to speak. Pictures to alleviate stress and facilitate peace.

Thus; Pictures for a bedroom.

They are meant to be simple, peaceful and help you wind down. They don’t lack energy however, there is always something new to discover in them should you feel so inclined. My hope is you will be able to rest your eyes upon them, that they will contribute to mindful moments, bring some tranquility and a good nights sleep.

I hope one of them will become your favorite."
Henry Bronett.