Lux in Tenebris, Vincent Jendly.
Lux in Tenebris, Vincent Jendly.
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Lux in Tenebris, Vincent Jendly.

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Lux in tenebris.

Lux in tenebris is a series of photographs and videos that take the viewer on an unprecedented maritime journey. The author went on several trips on a cargo ship, hoping to challenge his ambivalent relationship with the water which he developed after having narrowly avoided drowning. The sea at night is uneasy: in the deepest dark, when the weather is cloudy and the ship completely disappears, nothing distinguishes it from the water. Light at sea is like life from the void. The result is a cathartic work, a challenge to the darkness.
144 pages, hard cover & dust jacket
Size : 33 × 24,5 cm
Languages : French & English