Soviet Seasons, Arseniy Kotov.
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Soviet Seasons, Arseniy Kotov.

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Arseniy Kotov’s photographs reveal unfamiliar aspects of the post-Soviet terrain. From snow-blanketed Siberia in winter, to the mountains of the Caucasus in summer, these images show how a once powerful, utopian landscape has been affected by the weight of nature itself.

This uniquely broad perspective could only be achieved by a photographer such as Kotov. Singularly dedicated to exploring every corner of his country, Kotov often hitch-hikes across vast distances. On these journeys he chronicles not only the architectural achievements of the Soviet empire, but also its overlooked or simply undocumented constructions.

Hardcover , 237 pages, 165 x 206  mm. Fuel Publishing.

The profits from this sale are fully paid to the International Committee of the Red Cross.